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Trays & Shelves



These Units are constructed using 1.20mm Zintec Steel specified Japanese Industrial Standard G3313 SECC E16 / E16 – Coating Phosphated & Dry.


19” Front Mount Cantilever Shelves

Cantilever ShelfPart No:
Cantilever ShelfPart No:
1U x 180 Cantilever ShelfPDP1U180CS
1U x 280 Cantilever ShelfPDP1U280CS
2U x 280 Cantilever ShelfPDP2U280CS
3U x 380 Cantilever ShelfPDP3U380CS


19” Fixed Shelves with Rear Support

Fixed ShelfPart No:
Fixed ShelfPart No:
1U x 460 Fixed ShelfPDP1U460FS
1U x 660 Fixed ShelfPDP1U660FS
1U x 760 Fixed ShelfPDP1U760FS
1U x 960 Fixed ShelfPDP1U960FS


19” Sliding Shelves incl Rear & Front Supports

Sliding ShelfPart No:
Sliding ShelfPart No:
1U x 460 Sliding ShelfPDP1U460SS
1U x 660 Sliding ShelfPDP1U660SS
1U x 760 Sliding ShelfPDP1U760SS






All Standard shelves come with adjustable brackets that provide easy fitting to 19” Vertical Rails.

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